Private market

The biggest proportion of housing is offered by private brokers and landlords (hereafter referred to as the private market). You can view an unlimited number of offers on the private market and each landlord can choose their own tenant selection method (e.g. viewing nights, private appointments).

  1. Look at the private offers.
  2. Click on ‘I’m interested’.
  3. Select all the dates and the times on which you will be available to have a viewing.
  4. The landlord will receive a notice that you showed your interest.
  5. He/she will schedule an appointment via MyHousing on one of the slots you chose.
  6. You can easily track your appointments in MyHousing.


Accept an offer

After an appointment has been made, the landlord takes over the rental process. If you reach an agreement with a landlord, he/she will add this to the specific offer in MyHousing. This is also visible in ‘My mediations’. You do not have to accept anything yourself in MyHousing.

Additional information

More information regarding the process for the private market can be found HERE.