Housing corporations

Offers by Maasvallei, Woonpunt and Servatius are in high demand, so they are managed by subscription lists. In order to subscribe for this list, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an offer from a housing corporation.
  2. Select ‘Subscribe now’ to get a place on the list.
  3. On Sunday at 24:00, the list will close and you will receive an email indicating your place on the list.
  4. The first chance to react to the offer will be given to the person on the list who has been registered with Maastricht Housing for the longest time.
  5. If you are first on the list you will be able to postpone, accept or reject the offer. Action is required within 24 hours through your MyHousing, and then to ‘My mediations’.
  6. If person first in place declines the offer or does not respond on time, the second person on the list can schedule a viewing (and so on).
  7. If you accept the offer via MyHousing, the housing corporation will take over the rental process.


Some important information:

  • All the living spaces offered by the housing corporations are unfurnished and do not include flooring, curtains, ceiling lights or kitchen appliances; you typically have to purchase everything yourself.
  • You can only subscribe to one offer per week, if you register for more than one offer, only your last registration applies.
  • You can always access the subscription list via MyHousing and monitor your place on the list to estimate your chances of getting that housing. However, only the first 5 candidates are eligible!
  • If you are the first one on the list, you can postpone a decision twice, for two working days each time. Afterward, the offer will automatically be transferred to the next person on the list.
  • It is important that when assigning a residential, the final decision rests with the relevant housing corporation!
  • Please note: The standard notice period for terminating the rental agreement is one month but if you accept the housing and then still refuses for any reason within 6 months, you are no longer allowed to enroll in any subscription round by the next 6 months!

Additional information 

Do you have additional questions about nominating a student or about the income limit maintained by housing corporations? Please click HERE.