Is there a housing shortage in Maastricht?

Unlike many other Dutch university towns, it is relatively easy to find a room in Maastricht if you start your search in time. In most cases, students beginning on 1 September start their search for a room in May or June. The longer you wait, the smaller the chances of finding an affordable and nice place. By the beginning of August, the supply will be (very) limited and consist of mostly expensive rooms.

What’s the average rent price in Maastricht?

A room will cost you roughly €400 per month. A bedsit/studio will cost you roughly €500-700 and an apartment €800 or more.

Are there waiting lists?

  • The offers of the UM Guesthouse work on a first come first serve base as long as you are under 31 and are a student or employee (UM, Hogeschool Zuyd, Jan van Eyck academy).
  • The living spaces offered on the private market advertised on our website can work with a first come first serve base. However, the landlord can still decide to which student he would like to rent out the accommodation.
  • The offers from the housing corporations; Woonpunt, Servatius and Maasvallei are managed via subscriptions lists. These lists are created during a subscription round of approximately one week. When the round ends, on Sunday midnight, the list will be created and the person who have been registered the longest are most likely to get a living space.

Is there a preferential treatment at Maastricht Housing for students with disabilities or professional athletes?

If you believe that you should receive a preferential treatment at Maastricht Housing due to medical reasons or professional athlete, you should contact the relevant department of the University.